Jyorei FAQ

How does Jyorei work?

Jyorei practitioners view spiritual clouds as the cause of sickness and unhappiness.
These clouds are subtle impurities within our spiritual body that dull our awareness and damage our health. Jyorei removes spiritual clouds in much the same way that light dispels darkness. Jyorei is transmitted first to the forehead, which primarily promotes spiritual purification, and then to the top of the head, which induces physical purification. There is no need for a Jyorei giver to diagnose the condition of the recipient, because the Light goes straight to the source of the problem.

What are the benefits?

Some of the first and most common benefits that people experience from Jyorei are inner peace, physical comfort, and emotional balance. It also appears to reduce stress and strengthen the immune system. Physical ailments can often show remarkable improvement, depending upon the amount of impurities that need to be removed. The ultimate purpose of Jyorei, however, is to increase overall health, happiness and harmony.

Is it always good for everyone?

Yes. Jyorei, like prayer, is universally beneficial, as God’s assistance is good for everyone. The Light of Jyorei purifies and uplifts, and unlike drugs, there are no negative side effects. Although we have not studied this subject scientifically, it appears to encourage homeostasis. Both overactive and underactive immune systems seem to benefit from Jyorei. It calms down those who are agitated and it rejuvenates those who are tired. Jyorei is good for body, mind, and spirit.

What does one feel?

Each individual response is different. Some people feel nothing. On the other hand, many people feel relaxed, see light, feel pressure and warmth, or experience tingling sensations in their head, fingers, or toes. Emotionally, people often feel love, joy, and serenity. Some people see various colors, and almost everyone feels rested and refreshed afterwards. However, whether a person experiences sensations or not, we believe Jyorei to always be beneficial.

What should I do when I am receiving Jyorei?

Sit upright in a comfortable position with your eyes closed and your hands laid open on your lap. Calm your mind and be grateful for the Light that you are receiving. Halfway through the session, you will be asked to lower your head slightly so that you can receive Jyorei at the top of your head.

How much does it cost?

Jyorei is a divine gift; there is never a charge for it. However, donations to support our work, given as an expression of gratitude, are appreciated.

Is Jyorei religious?

Although Jyorei focuses on our spiritual condition, it is not religious in any exclusive, sectarian way. Jyorei is a holistic practice available to anyone from any religious or spiritual persuasion. One does not need to believe in a religion or God, or even in Jyorei, to benefit. Nor does the receiver have to join any organization. The eventual outcome, however, can be an inspired way of life.

Does Jyorei heal physical illness?

Oftentimes people report less pain and better health from receiving Jyorei. However, the purpose of Jyorei is to create happiness and a sense of harmony, the basis of which is good health. Whether a physical illness is reversed or not is a spiritual matter. The spirit must first be cleansed of its impurities, after which physical healing can occur. A complete cure is a holistic process involving all of a person’s life and experience, not just the removal of an outward physical symptom.

How can I share Jyorei and help to heal others?

Anyone who sincerely wants to give Jyorei can do so by attending a few instructional sessions and being formally initiated as a Jyorei practitioner.

How much Jyorei will I need to resolve my problem?

The Jyorei giver cannot answer this question, as it depends on the accumulation of spiritual clouds, or impurities, that first need to be cleansed within you. It is advisable to receive Jyorei as often as possible and learn about the spiritual world through studying the teachings when you have a persistent problem.

Does the giver feel anything when he or she is sharing Jyorei?

Each individual experience is different, but usually we experience a sense of gratitude, inner peace, and happiness. We may also feel heat, tingling sensations, or see colors and shapes. The benefits of giving Jyorei extend not only to the giver but also to his or her friends and family through the giver’s spiritual connections with them.

What is the difference between Jyorei and other forms of healing?

Many people claim that the energies of Jyorei and other forms of healing feel different from each other. Some sessions for other healing techniques can last up to an hour or so, whereas Jyorei sessions usually last only five minutes. Other healing modalities may incorporate complex techniques and procedures, whereas Jyorei is essentially simple, with an emphasis placed on love and gratitude. The Jyorei giver does not try to control the energy or the outcome of the healing session but instead just allows the Light to shine through.